Friday, September 4, 2015

Welcome Back!

Yesterday we had our "Welcome Back to School" assembly!  First the kids had a little pep talk from the Kid President, who reminded them to...
Then Mrs. Stevens told everyone about our new positive behavior system.  We will be spending the whole year catching kids being  respectful, responsible, and prepared.  If a kid is caught, their name gets entered into a raffle.  After just one week, three kids already won the chance to get fancy take-out lunch with a teacher and friend of their choice.  Mrs. Stevens also mentioned some future prizes, including wearing the Bulldog costume at a pep rally.  As you can see, the kids were pumped about that one!
After that we got to honor those kids who went beyond the required summer reading and did some extra. 

Each student who read 2 or more books this summer will receive a colorful certificate.

The kids who read between 2 and 4 books were entered into a raffle and 30 kids, 10 from each grade, won a bookmark! I've already seen some inside books as I walked around school yesterday.

Anyone who read 5-8 books was put into another raffle.  They had the chance to win a book mark and a free book of their choice! The crowd went wild after each kid's name was picked.

Last, and definitely not least, any kid who read 9 or more books automatically got to pick a free book.  There were 23 amazing readers who were in this category!  Their names also got put into a raffle and 6 of them got a gift card for our Scholastic Book Fair next week.  

Mrs. Stevens gave a special shout out to our fourth grader who read 17 books and our sixth grader who read 18!  So amazing!

Keep up all the great reading, Bulldogs!!!

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