Tuesday, April 14, 2015

What We're Reading

This week, we've got lots of interesting nonfiction going on!  

One group of fourth graders is reading a fascinating nonfiction text called The Truth About Bats.  The text is broken up into 5 myths about bats and then explains whether they are true or not, giving scientific evidence.  For example:

Bats are blind.  True or false?
Bat's don't have great eyesight, but they're definitely not blind.  They actually use echolocation, just like dolphins!  That's what lets them hunt for food so easily at night.

A group of fifth graders is reading a really interesting procedural text about how shadow puppets are made.  It even has instructions for how to make your own.  I never knew that Chinese shadow puppets were so intricately designed and decorated.  The book said that each shadow puppet has 11 moving parts!  
There are lots of amazing shadow puppet videos on youtube, if you want to see these puppets in action!  Here is one example:

This one shows how to set up a screen at home and how to make the puppets move.  You can see what the puppeteer is doing behind the screen and how it looks from the front at the same time.

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